38- Rare copper box decorated with ivory... - Lot 38 - Siboni

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38- Rare copper box decorated with ivory... - Lot 38 - Siboni
38- Rare copper box decorated with ivory plates illustrating mythological scenes.
The ivory plates, finely carved in polylobate cartouches and frames are set with brass nets; the reserves and spandrels present a rich carved decoration of fantastic animals, foliated and flowery interlacing. The bottom of this box is made of wood. It rests on four console feet.
On the façade, the central subject represents the goddess Artemis. She is surrounded by her dogs, sitting on the sun chariot of her twin brother Apollo. The lower cartouche depicts Cronos, god of time, holding a scythe in his chariot. The next 3 cartouches show nymphs and winged figures.
On the lid, the central subject illustrates: Amphitrite sitting on a chariot rising from the water, surrounded by whelk-sounding newts, in the background, Poseidon. The upper cartouche illustrates the abduction of Amphitrite by a dolphin sent by Poseidon, the lower cartouche Amphitrite on Poseidon's chariot pulled by seahorses (half horse, half fish). On the right cartridge is a centaur.
At the back: the central subject could represent Artemis and Apollo, the upper cartouche the removal of Amphitrite by a dolphin sent by Poseidon surrounded by cupids throwing arrows, the right one Cronos carrying the Universe, left Apollo.
On the left side, the central subject: Taken by the nymph Syrinx who refuses to advance, the god Pan pursues her to the banks of the river Ladon. On the lower cartouche: Unable to escape, the nymph asks the help of her sisters who metamorphose her into reed stems while the god Pan is catching her. Divinities and nymphs appear on the other cartridges.
On the right side as a central subject: the goddess Hera prophesies a woman handing her a pomegranate, symbol of fecundity. The cartouche on the left depicts Hermes playing a wind instrument, at his feet the caduceus, on the right a mermaid. The lower cartouche illustrates a nymph of the source. The water flowing from the urn symbo
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